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Let Eidsdal take you out of your everyday life and into the World Heritage area.

The valley of Eidsdal is located by the Norddalsfjord and is perhaps best known as the hub and ferry town between Linge and Geiranger. It stretches from the fjord up to Eidsvatnet lake. The mighty mountains on both sides and the well-kept cultural landscape have made it an attractive photo spot and a popular place to stop.

The road leading through the valley is part of the National Tourist Route Geiranger-Trollstigen, and a significant amount of the outback and mountain area around the valley lies within the World Heritage area “West Norwegian Fjord Landscape”.

Eidsdal is still a solid agricultural village and contributes significantly to Fjord municipality. Did you know that one of Norway’s most significant amounts of goats is situated here? Nowhere else in the area will you be able to find higher-lying farms in operation, and the highest is the goat farm at Løvoll, 550 m above sea level. In the centre, you will find a grocery store, a hairdresser with women’s clothes and a dressmaker selling local food. The village also has a mechanical workshop.

Until now, Eidsdal has been the only year-round gateway to the World Heritage site. Considering that the amount of inhabitants is around 350, the cultural life in the village is rather lively. You may often experience that the people here are pure artists in song, music, arts and crafts. The well-known Norwegian artist Ole T. Ytterdal had his studio in the village centre, and on Veiberg, you will find the unique cultural and historical homestead Severinbrauta. When you are done with the day’s work or need a break, some of the surrounding peaks invite you to great hiking trips with or without skis – or maybe a fishing trip in lake Eidsvatnet would be more tempting?

Eidsdal has a music band, a youth club and children’s association, a shooting team and the Red Cross, among others. The village’s sports club offers different exercise activities all year round, including cross-country skiing, mountain hikes, as well as athletics and volleyball. The football club is run together with the valleys Norddal and Geiranger. If you are interested, you can get involved in many different activities, but if you want to really thrive in the countryside, you will also have to manage without some of the urban offers. Having the ability to both thrive in one’s own company and make contact with people and get involved is a strength.

Fun fact: Eidsdal used to have several furniture factories. Children’s chairs, beautiful lounges, rocking chairs, and sofa groups have been produced here, to name a few. The centre also had a factory for the production of skis and coffee grinders. In the 1950s, an iron workers’ school was established, perhaps the first of its kind in the country to be run privately.

Eidsdal is an excellent spot to combine work and leisure, cowork, remote work, and workation!

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