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The beautiful, small village of Geiranger in the innermost end of the Geirangerfjord has been welcoming tourists since 1869.

The first tourist ship then sailed into the fjord, and the hospitable inhabitants started transporting royals and other tourists to various vantage points by horse and carriage.

Later, they retook the pioneering role by offering specially built cars and carrying out the tourist shuttle in exclusive vehicles. Now, the village also warmly welcomes people who want to come to the village for a work stay, either for remote work, workation or co-working. In Geiranger, there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for nature, activities or people around you in between work. Majestic, snow-covered mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls and lush, green vegetation characterize the nature in Geiranger. The fjord landscape is the main reason why in 2005, the Geirangerfjord area was given a place on UNESCO’s prestigious World Heritage list as one of the most beautiful places in the world. The village of Geiranger is the only settlement within this area.

In summer, the village is bustling with guests from all over the world, and the centre takes on an almost urban feel with its small, cosy restaurants, varied shops and lots of activities on offer. Close to the fjord, you can enjoy the local life, or perhaps you would like to offer products or activities to the visitors yourself?

If you come here in winter, your experience will be completely different. The village is quiet and peaceful, with few visitors. The residents have more time for each other and activities that unite people. Some sing in choirs, some seek out the ski slopes at Korsmyra and the valley Gråsteindalen. Perhaps you would like to get involved in the different festivals that annually gather the villagers for laughter, good food and dancing?

Geiranger is an excellent place to stay all year round if you love the area’s nature. However, it is a village with particularly huge contrasts between summer and winter. Feel free to get involved in village life because new initiatives and commitments are always welcome.

The exhibitions at the Norwegian Fjord Centre show the exciting and distinctive landscape and give you an insight into what the area was like before and now. Take a break from work, pop in and collect new inspiration from the various exhibitions and interactive stations or visit the cafe and shop offering sustainable Norwegian products.

The Fosseråsa hiking trail is an inspiring outdoor break where you can listen to roaring rivers and waterfalls all year round. On more extended trips to the farms Skageflå or Knivsflå, where the houses almost cling to the rock wall several hundred meters above the fjord, you can imagine what the everyday must have been like. Ørnevegen (the Eagle’s Bend), Flydalsjuvet gorge and Dalsnibba are other attractions in the area. If you want to see Geiranger from a different angle, you can hire a kayak and get closer to nature on a peaceful paddle trip along the fjord. Maybe you are ready for a real adrenaline rush? Soar in the air on a zipline or get your heart pumping by climbing through wild gorges.

Fun fact: The road from Geiranger towards the east was established already in 1889. This road stretch is an architectural work of art and received a gold medal at the World Heritage Exhibition in Paris in 1900. It took more than 60 years before the village got access to a road towards its nearest neighbour, the Eidsdal village. Ørnevegen was opened in 1955 and was for a long time the only alternative out and into the village in winter. In the event of heavy snowfall and bad weather, it can be closed for periods, and the village has also been occasionally isolated. From 2022, there will also be a ferry on the Geirangerfjord in the winter months, a great alternative in many ways.

The Fjord Cowork villages are close, and you can easily visit, experience, and stay in Norddal, Eidsdal and Geiranger. Here, you get a unique opportunity to collaborate, co-create, include and get involved with small local communities and existing industries. Let yourself be inspired to test out a life in the countryside, between steep mountains and deep fjords!

Geiranger is an excellent spot to combine work and leisure, cowork, remote work and workation!

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