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Fjord Cowork is located in the villages of Geiranger, Eidsdal, and Norddal on the northwestern coast of Norway, in a stunning fjord landscape about 90 minutes and a ferry ride from the coastal town of Ålesund. Among others, you will find the National scenic route Geiranger–Trollstigen and the World Heritage area Geirangerfjorden in this area. 

By plane

There are direct flights to Ålesund lufthamn Vigra (AES) from several international airports and daily flights from Norway’s main cities. If you fly to Vigra, you can rent a car and drive to the area (approx. 100 km via Sjøholt, Linge and the ferry Linge-Eidsdal) or use public transport to go the identical route. We recommend the national travelling planner Entur for planning your trip with public transport. Travelling by bus between Ålesund Airport Vigra and Ålesund is easy. You can buy your bus ticket on Vy, the Fram app, or the travelling planner from Fram. 

By train and bus

You can get to the Fjord Cowork villages by bus, train or a combination. We recommend using the national travelling planner Entur for public transport. 

For example, you can take the train Oslo-Dombås-Åndalsnes. In Åndalsnes, you can either rent a car or take the bus. From Åndalsnes, it takes a little more than an hour’s drive to Linge ferry quay (59 km) when the curvy road stretch Trollstigen is open from the end of May to the end of October. When the Trollstigen is winter-closed, the drive goes via Sjøholt, which takes 1 hour and 40 min (109 km). You can find updated information about the winter closure on the road service’s website, Vegvesenet. You can also take the train Oslo-Otta and rent a car or take the bus from there.

The buses follow roughly the same route as the car routes described below. For up-to-date information about buses, we recommend using the national travel planner Entur or for information in Møre and Romsdal county. 

By car

Several roads lead to Fjord Cowork. Here are some examples:

Ålesundt–Fjord Cowork
Ålesund–Sjøholt–Linge–Eidsdal (then ev. Norddal 5 km, Geiranger 25 km): 85 km / 1,5 hours / 1 ferry

Oslo–Fjord Cowork
OsloLom–Grotli*–Stryn–Hellesylt–Stranda–Linge–Eidsdal* (then ev. Norddal 5 km, Geiranger 25 km): 57 km / 8 hours / 2 ferries

Oslo–Dombås–Åndalsnes**–Sjøholt–Linge–Eidsdal (then ev. Norddal 5 km, Geiranger 25 km): 550 km / 7 hours / 1 ferry

Bergen–Fjord Cowork
Bergen–Førde–Stryn–Hellesylt–Stranda–Linge–Eidsdal (then ev. Norddal 5 km, Geiranger 25 km): 390 km / 7 hours / 2 ferries

Molde–Fjord Cowork
Molde–Vestnes–Sjøholt–Linge–Eidsdal (then ev. Norddal 5 km, Geiranger 25 km): 85 km / 2 hours / 2 ferries

* When the road Grotli-Geiranger is open, generally from the end of May until the end of October (check Statens vegvesen), you can drive the scenic stretch from Grotli directly to Geiranger, Eidsdal, and Norddal.

** When Trollstigen is open, generally from the end of May until the end of October (check if the road is open at Statens vegvesen), you can drive through Trollstigen, which bends southeast of Åndalsnes. The route via Valldal-Linge-Eidsdal, Norddal, and Geiranger is shorter and more fun to drive.

Some travelling tips – also for getting around

General information

  1. It is easier to go by bus to Linge than Norddal, Eidsdal and Geiranger. From Linge, you can take the ferry straight to Eidsdal and eventually find another means of transport or hike from there.
  2. The ferries are free for passengers, but you have to pay if going by car, either by purchasing a ferry card or a ticket from the ferry staff.

How to get to and from Fjord Cowork by public transport, bus, and train

  1. We recommend using the national travel planner Entur to get an overview of public transport
  2. Fram travelling planner for Møre og Romsdal county. Fram also has a monthly card offer. You can also download the travel planner from the App Store or Google Play
  3. Travel planner for VY train and bus 
  4. The nearest train stations are in Åndalsnes (in the north) and Otta (in the east)

How to buy your bus tickets in Møre og Romsdal county

  1. The Fram app is handy when you use public transport in Møre og Romsdal. It contains both a travel planner and the option to buy a ticket. Download it on the App Store or Google Play 
  2. Buy your ticket on 
  3. «Travel like the locals» round trips in the county (including booking) 
  4. Round trips from Geiranger and Hellesylt (including booking) 
  5. In the web store, you can buy single and period tickets 
  6. You can enter the bus without buying your ticket – it is mostly possible to buy a ticket on the bus with cash or card at an additional price. You can also buy a period card there if you want to buy a ticket for more extended periods. (If you do not buy a ticket at all, you may be fined.)
  7. You can also buy tickets at the Moa, Kristiansund, and Molde traffic terminals.


How to get around in the Fjord Cowork area

  1. At Emob, you can rent fun electrical cars all year round to get around in the neighbourhood. 
  2. You can also rent a bike and an electric bike – ask at the Norwegian Fjord Centre.


What to do in the region

  1. On this Fjord Cowork website, you will find many tips about local experiences. 
  2. Visit Ålesund og Sunnmøre also has many tips for fun things to do in the region.

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