Walks and hikes

There are countless tours in the Fjord Cowork area in summer and winter: summit hikes, valley hikes, short hikes, scenic hikes … The Geirangerfjord World Heritage Foundation has marked many trails, and the signs also inform you of the difficulty degree. You can find out more about grading and labelling of the trails here: https://www.fjordsenter.com/opplev-verdsarven/

Remember – the mountains are steep, and the risk of landslides can be huge in the most vertical areas in summer and winter.

For mountain hikes, we recommend you to start with these locations as starting points for your trips – in summer and winter: 

  • Eidsdal: Kilstimarkene and Blåhornet in Eidsdal (https://morotur.no/tur/kilstimarkene-rundt-eidsdal) – a beautiful valley and an area with lots of sun, even in the early spring months. Blåhornet is an easy mountain hike with a view of the entire fjord system. Parking on Kilsti.
  • Norddal: Dyrdalen and the mountain pasture Rellingsetra (https://morotur.no/tur/rellingsetra-i-norddal) – in partially prepared trails. Rellingsetra as a natural hiking destination, a beautiful valley with opportunities for summit hikes. Parking at Hatlestad. 
  • Geiranger: Gråsteindalen and Møllsvatnet (https://morotur.no/tur/Moellsvatnet) – A magnificent valley with different opportunities in and outside the ski slopes, with or without skis. Spacious parking at Korsmyra.
  • Eidsdal: Eidsheia (https://morotur.no/tur/eidsheia) – A fantastic hiking terrain and an excellent starting point for lovely hikes in the mountains and valleys. Steep ascent from Eidsvatnet lake.

All of the locations mentioned above offer fantastic views, are easily accessible, and offer summit hike opportunities. They have spacious parking, and there are usually trails on parts of the hike– if you want to follow them.

For easily accessible hikes in the neighbourhood, both in summer and winter, we recommend some of them here

  • Geiranger centre, Fosseråsa (the Waterfall trail) (https://morotur.no/tur/fosseraasa-nasjonal-turiststi). A well-marked hiking trail from the Geirangerfjord up to Storsæterfossen, where you actually can walk behind the waterfall!
  • Lower Norddal, Gamlevegen and Kroken (https://morotur.no/tur/Kroken-Gamlevegen-Norddal). The old trail to the mountain pasture goes nearly all the way from the fjord and up to Rellingsætra. 
  • Upper Norddal, Litleåsskagen (https://morotur.no/tur/litleaasskagen-liten-rundtur2). An easy hike with a nice view of the fjord and mountains – can be extended if you wish.
  • Eidsdal centre, Rongane  (https://morotur.no/tur/Rongane ). A nice little hike, close to the centre of Eidsdal. On the way, you will pass the “Grytesteinen” (the potstone) with traces of how people tried to make pots from soapstones.
  • Upper Eidsdal, Laupen (https://morotur.no/tur/Laupen). The hike starts at lake Eidsvatnet (425 m.a.s.l.) and goes to the viewpoint of Laupen (631 m.a.s.l). The snow conditions determine whether you have to wear snowshoes.

The links tell you more about the hikes, show them on a map, and where you can start. Morotur also provides other tour tips: https://morotur.no/. You will also find information on UT.no | Forsidenhttp://trakk.no/, https://www.stikkut.no/stikkut/turer.

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