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Tsunami in Geiranger. Is it a real threat?

Recently, a movie called “Bølgen,” translated to “The Wave” in English, was released, focusing on the theme of a tsunami in Geiranger. In the film, a massive fragment of a cracked rock falls into the fjord, triggering a tsunami in Geiranger. The wave floods the town and causes immense damage in Geiranger. However, is the movie purely fiction, or is there some truth to it?

The movie about the tsunami in Geiranger is based on the real geographic and geological conditions of the region, but the tsunami event itself in Geiranger is created for dramatic and entertainment purposes.

However, the residents of the town live in slight tension, knowing that a tsunami is indeed possible. The yearly movement of the rock, cracking a few centimeters each year, is real, but a group of specialists monitors this movement to avoid a tsunami in Geiranger.

If the rock does detach, the residents of Geiranger are prepared for the wave. Every year, sound alarm tests are conducted in tsunami-prone villages, and trial warning text messages are sent out. Tsunami in Geiranger remains a mystery because despite continuous monitoring, we never know what nature has in store for us… perhaps a tsunami in Geiranger in a dozen or a few hundred years?

Currently, there’s no need to worry as specialists are keeping a close eye on things. So, feel free to explore Geiranger both during the busy season and off-season, enjoying the peace and beautiful views. We’re here to make that possible – look around our website to learn more, and remember – don’t be afraid of the tsunami in Geiranger! It only happens in movies.

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