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Workation in Norway

How to blend work with vacation in Norway? Want to explore as much as possible without missing a workday? We’ve got a solution – Workation!

The word “workation” is a combination of “work” and “vacation.” It signifies a period in which an individual works remotely (remote work). workation allows combining professional work with relaxation and exploring new places. This trend has become more popular with the increasing prevalence of remote work and flexible forms of employment.

But where to start? It seems reasonable to begin by choosing a place that suits you best. However, not all places full of tourist attractions are adapted for Worcations. Therefore, when searching for our dream location, it’s worth browsing local offers for office rentals and accommodations. Yet, this, in turn, can be costly.

With the departure of tourists, accommodation prices drop, and there are more options to choose from. Moreover, with fewer tourists around, locals have the time to engage in conversations and offer advice on activities during autumn, spring, and winter. If you choose a workation in this region, everyone from the fjordcowork program will gladly help you, answer all your questions, and may even arrange skiing equipment or snowshoes to enhance your winter adventures – a truly enjoyable experience!

Imagine your laptop on a desk with a view of one of the most beautiful fjords in the world. After work, you can explore the area without walking through the tourist crowds, engage in winter activities, take autumn hikes in the low sun, or enjoy coffee with your new neighbors by the fireplace.


If you like the idea of workation in Norway and you’re new to it, this website will make things easier for you. Thanks to it, you’ll get to know the area, prices, and access to the village you choose. You can also get offers for accommodations and workspaces with current prices for free.

Don’t waste your time in a boring office space, visit Norway for your workation adventure!

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