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Where to Stay in Geiranger and in the surrounding area.

Geiranger is a small town in Norway but very popular, hosting 700,000 tourists every year. So, how to find accommodation in Geiranger and where to stay when the crowd is in full swing during the season?

If you’re traveling with a camper, it’s essential to note that while wild camping is generally permitted in Norway, Geiranger has only a few such spots.
It’s advisable to make use of a special camper parking area, like Geiranger Camping.

Some adventurers seek wild camping spots en route to Dalsnibba. However, due to the narrow and often used road also by buses, it’s not a suitable overnight stay accommodation.

For tent travelers, camping is also the best accommodation in Geiranger. However, the meadows in summer are full of sheep which may not be the most considerate neighbors and could nibble on your tent.

If you’re a backpacker, you’ll find excellent budget accommodation options – numerous cabins for overnight stays, for example, Vinje Camping.

Of course, for those with higher requirements, there are beautiful accommodations in Geiranger, such as apartments with incredible view- like the apartment at the Eagle’s Bend or the apartment at Vinje Farm, as well as hotels like Hotel Union, Grande Fjord Hotel, and Havila Hotel Geiranger. Good to know that even if the hotel is not your current accommodation, you can enjoy the spa with a view of the fjord.

If you want to escape the crowds and explore more remote places, the beautiful village of Norddal is worth a visit. They offer accommodations at slightly lower prices, including camping and cabins. More accommodation in villages a bit farther from Geiranger can be found here.

However, as the short summer tourist season quiets down, the options for accommodation increase. You can choose from cottages and apartments freely.

For a more immersive experience in the local culture, consider renting a house from a resident. These options are typically accessible outside the tourist season, like Arnebu Cabin.


If you’re planning to visit Norway in winter, consider renting a year-round cabin near a lake, with access to free cross-country ski trails.

Accommodation prices outside the peak season are significantly more attractive, allowing you to experience the true, unspoiled beauty of Norway without the tourist crowds.

If you’re tempted by all these advantages or just looking for a place where you can combine remote work with sightseeing, visit our Build me an offer page to receive a specially crafted proposal to fit your needs.

There is more than one beautiful accommodation place in Geiranger and the area, so don’t be afraid to check which one is the best for you.

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